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Monday, November 4, 2013

Blonde Milf with Big Tits in a Sexy Bikini

Charity McLain: Bronzed Bikini Babe

For anyone that loves to look at hot blondes in bikinis, it's hard to believe that the bikini has been around with us for a very long time. While a automotive engineer was credited with designing the first ever modern bikini (yes, really) back in 1946, a two-piece garment for women was worn for "athletic purposes" as far back as Ancient Rome. Sadly the only imagery we have of these lovely Roman Goddesses wearing these bikinis are on frescoes in Italy. Since it probably would not be appropriate to jack off to a fresco of a bikini-clad Roman Goddess in an Italian museum, your are more than welcome to do so here by admiring the bikini in all its glory, with the help of the sexy blonde goddess, Charity McLain. Enjoy!

Busty Blonde Milf Strips out of her Bikini

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Busty Milf In A Sexy Sling Bikini

Indianna Jaymes: Boobs A Poppin'

When Indianna Jaymes posed for a recent shoot, she decided to wear an innocent little yellow sling bikini. It was supposed to be a tasteful shoot with this huge hooter milf looking good in her bikini and absolutely no nudity (honest!). But because Indianna's massive melons kept popping out of her bikini, there was no choice but to keep rolling. After a while Indianna threw up her hands and gave up and just let her giant juggs flop all over the place outside her sling. Since she was already naked, she figured "might as well start playing with my pussy as well!"

Sunday, September 29, 2013

How to Get a Bikini Milf Body

دختر بلوند در لباس شنای زنانه دوتکه and بیکنی میں سنہرے بالوں والی لڑکی
Bikini Blonde Charity McLain

Charity McLain Gets Oiled Up

The Wet and Oiled Blog loves all kinds of girls in bikinis. But there is a special place reserved for hot Milfs with sexy bikini bodies. And why not? 

Looking good in a bikini is not easy. Having a great body even as a teenager can be tough...counting calories and making sacrifices. But having and keeping a great body as a Milf can also be a challenge.

For all girls and women that desire to attain that perfect  bikini  body,  the  lovely  Charity McLain provides some wisdom and guidance.

裸のブロンドのビキニの女の子 and 벌거 벗은 금발 비키니 소녀
Eat Your Veggies, Then Eat Me
In her blog How To Look Like A Stripper, the big busted blonde explains that looking good is a combination of proper nutrition and the right kinds of exercise. Lean proteins and leafy vegetables provide what she calls "clean fuel" to nourish the body. For exercise, Charity recommends a regimen of "resistance training that focuses on core strength and flexibility." 

Збуджений блондинка жінка в бікіні хоче ебать (Узбуджаны бландынка жанчына ў бікіні хоча ебать) and Палави блондинка жена в бикини иска да се чука
Perfect Milf Body

Easier said than done, and we applaud all the hot girls out there that take this advice seriously to help them achieve their beauty goals.

But then again, some girls are just lucky to be born with a great body that requires minimal effort to look amazing. Charity is no exception to this and so she graced the Wet and Oiled Blog with her presence.

Blonde z sexy tyłek w stringach (Plavuša sa seksi dupe u tangama) and Blondínka so sexi zadok v tanga
How To Look Good In A Bikini
Charity performed a sexy hot tub masturbation scene in an earlier post. Be sure to check her out having an intense orgasm with a glass dildo! This time, however, Charity posed in a sexy yellow and pink thong bikini and high heel stilettos. She showed off her gorgeous firm big tits as they were barely being covered by her skimpy bikini top. She ran her nicely manicured hands down her big tits towards her already swollen and wet pussy.

While Charity enjoys wearing bikinis she is not a fan of tan lines. As is evident in these photos,
this  hot blonde possesses a perfect bronzed tan from head to toe. She uses both the tanning salon and her backyard to get that fantastic color.

Olieret op bryster (Göğüsleri kadar Yağlı) and Geolied tieten (Olajozott fel mell)
Oiled Up Boobs
So it figures that she must be tanning in the nude at home if she isn't getting tan lines. Her neighbors must be so lucky! 
Charity figured the shoot wouldn't be complete without rubbing oil all over her body. She grabbed the bottle of babyoil nearby and started drizzling the oil on her boobs. With her bikini  still on, she ran her hands underneath  her  bikini  top  to

Rubia con culo sexy en bikini tanga (Kulay ginto na may isang sexy asno sa sinturon bikini) and Blonde avec un cul sexy en bikini string
Horny, Wet and Oiled
slowly caress her big tits with the oil, paying special attention to her already swollen nipples. 

She turned around to give much-needed attention to her deliciously sexy tight ass. She drenched her ass cheeks with oil and lifted her thong so the oil could drip into sweet asshole. Charity fingered her clit with her other hand as the oil lubricated her entire body. She then stripped out of her hot bikini for a full view of her amazing naked body. 

Charity advises all women to stay dedicated and they too can achieve a hot bikini body. With all the hard work and sacrifices it takes to achieve a Milf Bikini Body, Charity McLain makes it look ooohhh soooo easy!!